Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dungeon 137

The cover game does not seem to be any great shakes but there's some good gothicy horror in the scenario Man Forever and some nice ideas in the scenario Tealpeck's Flood. The later has a flooded dungeon and double and triple dealing in a fiendish pact.

Glorantha: The Second Age

This book has totally blown me away and is reminding about everything that is good about Robin Laws and Glorantha. It is well written (despite the customary Mongoose typos) and while richly satisfying it is also nicely constructed and a clear introduction to setting. I don't think Glorantha has ever been explained this well or in this detail.

It has me desperately wanting to crack out HeroQuest to give it a go. What about RuneQuest? Well until they actually have some rules for using Dragon Mystics in BRP there doesn't seem a lot of point yet. 

Monday, October 09, 2006

Burning Empires

The sci-fi version of Burning Wheel has turned up, via Key 20, and looks totally stunning. It also uses the hardcover novel as a format, which I have secretly been thinking is perfect for RPGs for some time. I'm both glad that someone has decided to use it and disappointed that it wasn't me, goddammit!