Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dog eat dog

Another Kickstarter game here and one that has taken a while to come out in print. The set consists of the basic game and a fanzine like collection of potential settings. This really is one of those hippy story games as it is essentially about how defeated cultures respond to presence of a dominating occupier.

Since victory is ultimately impossible the game tries to map what the resulting settlement will be: assimilation, whole-hearted submission or a different cultural heart to an outwardly homogeneous society.

I'm looking forward to giving it a go but really it is a game of ideas rather than presentation.


My Durance Kickstarter book and set of cards came through this weekend, in a ridiculous amount of packaging for the content. The cards look quite intriguing ways to express some ideas about the neat planetary surveying mechanism.

The book is slender but the hardback covers are absolutely massive, no worries about dropping this book in your gaming satchel. The illustrations work well with a mix of painted inspiration scenes but also a series of sketches of the game's archetypes that mix in well with the notebook/manual style of the game text.

I've had a chance to play the revised game from the PDF version of the text and some of the game fiction has been tweaked to make it work better than it used to. Also random events seem to have been overhauled to make them actually work. However I'll need to play a few more games to see if they really work out.