Sunday, May 19, 2013

Valiant Girls & NanoWorld

You wait for one A7 game and then you get deluged by them. Following on from Vast and Starlit are Meg Baker's Valiant Girls and Marshall Miller's Nanoworld.

Valiant Girls has the players taking on the role of Ethopian girls and the perils they overcome. As a game that is pro-people and anti-game nerd the setting feels more intimidating to play for me than the typical genre games since making stuff up about Ethopian girls feels a lot harder and more culturally loaded than pretending to be an orc or a robot.

NanoWorld, by comparison, is safer ground with the players taken on the roles of clones who are just about to have their dystopian world shaken by unusual events.

It is an Apocalypse World hack and is unusual in that each player's character is identical and when one player discovers a limitation or ability to the clone line all the characters gain the same trait.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Murderous Ghosts

I finally got round to reading my physical copy of Murderous Ghosts, the game of an urban explorer discovering more than they can handle in an abandoned factory.

The game comes in a DVD case, echoing The Ring movies with its haunted video tape. Inside are two books and a CD with the electronic files.

A game for two people each player takes a book which consist of numbered entries. Play then revolves around each player reading an entry, playing out the requirements of the entry and then sending the other player to a new entry.

It's a neat way of heavily codifying the gameplay and structure but one that makes for poor reading and a need to actually play the game.