Adventurer Conqueror King and The Secret Fire

I recently contributed to the Kickstarter projects for two projects that have now delivered their draft PDFs. The Secret Fire and Adventurer Conqueror King have both ended up delivering projects that seem superficially to deliver yet another Dungeons and Dragons clone. In some cases with some of the OGL 3e improvements but definitely with more retro styling than game design theory behind the system.

Since most of the Retro hacks and OSR rules are free I'm not exactly what these projects had to Kickstart for except perhaps artwork costs and physical production fees. It is also not exactly clear to me that these games add a lot more to what was already available and certainly don't capture Redbox, Blue box vibe for me.

In all probability, given the number of new and exciting games coming out I'm not sure I'm really going to give either more of a shake than a quick read through.


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