Psi*Run is an interesting new game from Meguey Baker. It is a slim volume that seems to be aiming to be as accessible as possible with lots of talking cartoon heads to explain the game.

The scenario for the game is a group of amnesiac characters with strange powers escape from an accident site where they were being transported by a strange group who then pursue them relentlessly with the goal of recapturing them.

The characters have a number of questions about themselves so the aim of the game is to stay ahead of the pursuing Chasers and learn as much as they can about themselves and what is happening to them.

The core game mechanics are a simple tree-branch map of the locations between the accident site and where the characters are now. The Chasers start at the accident and will then follow the tree to where the characters are. It's a pretty good mechanic and I see a strong "Fugitive" vibe to it.

The other system is a playmat where a player places a pool of dice to indicate how conflict situations play out. There are several parameters than need dice assigned to them including resolution, memory, the pursuit, the well-being of the characters and also how their powers behave.

Essentially you want to role high on as many dice as possible but the assignment mechanic is an interesting way to give the player agency in how the game is going to pan out. If the pursuit gets closer or the character gets injured that is essentially because the player wants that to happen.

This seems a straight-forward and engaging near-future sci-fi game and I'm looking forward to giving it a go.


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