The Monolith from beyond space and time

Picked up at Dragonmeet and its an attractive paperback as most LotFP stuff is, certainly makes me look forward to the IndieGoGo stuff.

The introduction is typically bombastic stuff from Raggi, talking about the way that much post-Lovecraft Mythos fiction relies on the icongraphy and "brand" touchstones of the original stories. As a dig at the way that Paizo use Lovecraft I definitely agrees. Defining this adventure as something that aims to be Lovecraftian without the tropes we once again have a bar being set ridiculously high.

The main problem is that Raggi doesn't seem to want to engage with structured storytelling and therefore is happy to mix up weird situations with dice-driven random tables and not really bother with the idea that OSR games are essentially about how groups of people interact in response to their environment.

Also as normal the prose clunks along and wears its influences too strongly to seem anything other than derivative.

I have a lot of time for Lamentations from a stylistic and ethos point of view but there is a point when nostalgia turns into being stuck in the past.


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