Anticipating 2013

Interestingly enough all my anticipated games for the next year are the physical versions of games that were Kickstarted in 2012. I think this is ample evidence of the way that crowdfunding is changing the dynamics in roleplaying publishing; in theory a publisher never needs to take a punt on something or over-order a print run again.

Pelegrane are producing two of the games Hillfolk and 13th Age. PDF versions of the rules are already available but they are dense and a little inaccessible for me (as they seem to be focussed on the print rather than the screen representation of the text). I think I am going to prefer the print versions.

The other is Numenera by Monte Cook which is in some kind of closed/open playtest at the moment. However I did enjoy Cook's Ptolus and I liked the science-fantasy pitch so I am pretty confident that I am going to like the results this time round.

Other than that the things I enjoyed most this year were mostly indie and were recommended by fellow gamers. I am expecting that what I enjoy most in 2013 is going to be the same, things that I don't know about yet that one of my fellow gamers is going to advocate (or maybe even write).


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