S/Lay with me

A bit of an oldie but I wanted to get a copy as part of my two-player games binge last year.

The game oozes a pulpy-fantasy atmosphere and deals with three characters: the hero, the monster and the lover. One player takes the role of the hero and the other acts on behalf of the lover to tempt and woo the hero and as the monster to threaten and hurt the hero.

The game is supplied as a black and white booklet (genuinely old-school) but my copy seems to have a few font issues judge from some sans heading with dodgy kerning.

Like Beasthunters the game is designed for at least two playthroughs per session with the players alternating roles.

The rules seem pretty interesting with more emphasis being given to the key decisions the hero has to make about how they choose to deal with the Monster and the Lover. This implies that good play as the Monster/Lover is about understanding what the other player finds interesting and playing on that.


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