Pathfinder 67: The Snows of Summer

This is the first entry in the new adventure path feature winter-themed scenarios and Baba Yaga. I like the first and am indifferent about the second.

This adventure looks at first blush like a winner though. It's split into two parts (reflecting the arbitrary nature of the six-issue format). The first is an expedition to rescue a missing noblewoman and discover why winter seems to have come to a near-by forest. The task is hindered by cold-touched fey and a group of bandits who have ambushed the noble's caravan.

At the heart of the mysterious winter the group discover a portal to another part of the world, the perpetual winter of the land of Irrissen. Travelling through leads to the second part of the adventure, with the PCs trying to defeat one of the winter witches.

Things that look really promising: the winter fey are very engaging as antagonists and the bandit leader seems to have been given a twist to keep it a step away from total cliche. The second half seems downright creepy with a lost children motif, a mirrors theme, creepy dolls and a mysterious tower.


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