I backed Tremulus on Kickstarter so I had access to the PDF version of the game for a while, although the print copy turned up last year I've struggled to formalise my feelings on it.

I didn't find the PDF that accessible and was hoping, like a lot of games, that the ideas would be easier to absorb on the written page.

However it turns out that the PDF was representative of the game generally and it is not the easiest of reading.

Tremulus is a horror game based on the Apocalypse World engine, it aims to create a Lovecraftian atmosphere by revisiting the sources, side-stepping the baleful gravity of Chaosium's classic interpretation of the genre. This does give the game an original spin and also means it can handle a broader range of horror themes than fishmen in the harbour or dangerous geometry.

The playbooks are pretty standard for the AW family and you cannot really judge them without giving the game a go.

The thing I'm finding most intriguing about the game so far is the way that the setting content is based on players choosing rumours they've heard about the location. This builds up a series of features and threats the characters have to investigate and face. It's a little like Durance.


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