Wield is the game of powerful objects trying to achieve their dreams and destiny via the medium of those who wield them. It's Elric told from the perspective of Stormbringer and Mournblade; its Lords of the Rings as told by the One Ring; Harry Potter as an epic struggle between the wands. And if you're not into the indie angst and darkness its Doctor Who as seen by the Tardis and Star Wars as the adventures of the Millenium Falcon.

The game is GM'd with the GM taking a role as Fate with a rather unusual mix of responsibilities. The players will take on dual roles in the game, an object of power and a wielder of one the other player's objects. Both the objects and the wielders have their own objectives and Fate is responsible for creating the wielders so their characters and objectives should be challenging those of the the objects. Apart from that Fate seems to be there just to play the other characters and generate situations to explore the conflict that should emerge from the goals.

The rules (and there are not many, half the book is taken up with scene-setting fiction) cover resolving conflicts and defining the powers the objects grant their wielders. The central dilemma is one of control versus power. Grant your wielder a lot of power and you struggle to control them. The more you control them the less able they are to fulfil your goals.

There's an implied PvP and it feels like a there is a responsibility on Fate rather than all the players to create an engaging synthesis of the competing goals and rivals.

One I'm definitely looking forward to playing.


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