Juggernaut is the latest Jason Morningstar game (Durance, Fiasco) and is a card-driven American freeform in the style of Out of Dodge.

Juggernaut is a sealed room game about the predictions of the eponymous 1950s supercomputer. Designed to break cyphers before they have been created Juggernaut instead starts to make predictions not just about the future of the nation but specifically about the Juggernaut team and what will happen on the day of the trial.

The players take on the roles of the team members trying to run the first trials of Juggernaut. The play is generally freeform but the requirement on the players is to find out how Juggernaut's predictions become true.

Everything that is required to play the game is in the print on demand card deck (with a free optional downloadable audio file that represents the punch card analysis of Juggernaut).


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