Unfinished Business and the Beast

Grant Howitt's Patreon powers a series of one or two page games. In the latest batch I found Unfinished Business and The Beast interesting.

Unfinished Business is one of the relatively large pool of revenge beyond the grave games, mostly inspired by The Crow. This is slightly different as the game isn't just a single character looking for revenge but a group.

Also rather than being returned to life with supernatural powers the ghosts have an object they are linked to that allows them to possess those who touch the object.

Once possessed most of the rules are for how the ghost can retain control of their host and use them to enact their revenge.

It seems an interesting take on the genre.

The Beast is a horror game set in 18th century Eastern Europe, a group of retainers must defeat an ancient and powerful monster or suffer for their failure.

The mechanics are fairly typical for the series with a d10 rolled against an opposition die. Abilities, skills and challenge are all factored into the number of dice rolled on both sides. It is like a simplified version of Cold City/Hot War.
The Beast itself however rolls d20 instead of d10s so by default the group is going to lose if they try to go head to head with it.

Learning a weakness allows you to exploit it in a challenge which steps down the dice the opposition rolls.

This gives a nice shape to the game as to succeed the characters must spend some investigating and interacting with the Beast's minions to try and discover some of its weaknesses before the challenge the creature.

One I'd be interested in giving a go.


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