The Sword and the Loves

The Sword and the Loves is a game of chivalric romance and Arthurian legend that uses the Archipelago system.

The basic structure of the game is pure Archipelago with the ritual phrases, fate deck, story card resolution and a map that is drawn during the game.

Some of the bespoke elements come from the obvious customisation of the fate deck and a bespoke story card and a minimal map outline of Southern England featuring Camelot and Avalon. 

The more subtle parts are the determination of a fixed set of aspects for the game as well as character archetypes for the characters.

Instead of the relatively blank slate of Archipelago you are creating characters that are designed to fit in the framework of knights and ladies, love and duty.

The rules imply that there are a fixed number of elements: . I think that in practice you are going to have to assign other elements as per regular Archipelago due to the GM-less nature of the game, however I'm willing to give this a go and see what happens. Presumably it means that anything outside of these elements is outside the world of the characters.

Each character is created using an archetype that has a number of leading questions to help guide their creation.

The game also provides fixed roles for the players on the left and right of the current acting player.

I'm an Archipelago fan and I have a soft spot for Arthurian stories so I am eager to give this a go and see if this is the GM-less storygame equivalent of Pendragon.


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