Tunnel Goons

Tunnel Goons is a very small and rules-lite game that seems pitched somewhere between whimsical fantasy and traditional fantasy dungeon crawlers.

The basic rules system is very simple: rolling 2d6 and trying to beat a target number. Stats, equipment and so on add to the number. The referee determines the difficulty number and fills in all the other rules.

There are three stats that are essentially Physical, Criminal and Education.

There is no magic system, no races and no classes. Progression exists and is based on the metagame of the number of sessions played.

There is a tiny amount of background in the form of three tables for creating your character. The amount of flavour that jumps out of making the third table imply that most adults have been involved in some kind of world spanning war was quite exciting.

Tunnel Goons is very simple and kind of gives a streamlined fantasy PbtA experience. Its subtitle, "An analog adventure for nice people" kind of points to a less violent fantasy roleplaying experience that the rules don't deliver on.

It feels like it has that simple but powerful quality that things like Fighting Fantasy had and I can't help but wonder if it is similarly aimed at children.

Weirdly I'd quite like to give this one a go with the right scenario material. I can't explain it, maybe I'm just a nice person after all.


emarsk said…
*Its* subtitle
Robert Carnel said…
@emarsk Thanks for the correction

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