The Undercroft #9

Issue 9 of The Undercroft (buy digitally here) marks a step change for the zine, moving to a larger A5 booklet format and switching from its characteristic red covers to black. Cedric Plante contributes an amazing cover in an etched style white on black. Overall the impression is of something more substantial and professional than a regular photocopied zine.

The content isn't markedly different, a collection of monsters (including a penis monster, a giant penis you can fight), rule variations for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and a few historic research pieces, this time the subject is the occult properties of those executed by hanging.

At a quick glance the interesting pieces look like the Skinned Moon Daughter class, drawn from a campaign that looks like it is heavily influenced by Arctic Circle cultures and Nine Summits and the Matter of Birth, an adventure that seems to be a fantasy recasting of the Dutch and English exploration of the South China Sea with added anti-life death cult.

Undercroft is one of my most intriguing Patreon campaigns, I'm not really the target audience for the material but I enjoy the quirky distinctive nature of the material and it provides a regular transmission from outside the indie storygames bubble that I spend a lot of my time in.


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